Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mother's Weekend

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not much walking today because I spent the morning at a Mother's Brunch and tea party with my Girl Scout buddies (and my daughter).

Afterward I went on a short walk to the beach, with the beach chair. I spent the rest of the afternoon lounging, enjoying the water and sand, talking to Marco and Boris, and swimming. The wind grew more fierce as the day progressed, and the water became more choppy. I did find a tiny seahorse while swimming. (This photo is NOT the seahorse but rather another found years ago-thus the quality of the photo. Today's seahorse was also half this size) Doesn't he look like a piece of seaweed?

Section: Home- Breaker's Landing
Water temperature: 74
UV: 10 at noon
Wind: From the South
Tide: high
Time: 2:00p-4:45p
Length: to the home beach and back
Marine animals: fish and a seahorse
People: a few
Beach litter: very little


Tamelasr said...

Posted for Joan:

I read the whole blog- this is fantastic- I'll be working on getting mine started today and now I know where to come for help. Of course you will have to walk in Acadia Park this summer in Maine. Not much sand but lots of rocks.

Tamelasr said...

Posted for Marco:

thanks for the link. i will keep an eye on your updates. the blog looks pretty good though, and
i like your descriptive writing style.

kudos for undertaking the project.


Dr.Jeeeol said...

Your blog posts are much more refined than mine. I will have to get you addicted to I keep all of my photos there and also you can put stories under the pic and it gives you all types of statistica data. Plus people can comment on the actual photo. I am an addict.