Sunday, May 11, 2008

Swimming the beach?

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Another lazy day, though I did walk south less than a mile and back. There was hardly anyone on the beach, where are all the people? After the short walk I went into the water to swim. Normally when I walk longer distances I haven't been going in the water because sometimes it's not so comfortable to walk while you're wet. But after I started to swim I realize swimming, of course, is another form of moving down the beach. For me it would be tedious to swim longer distances; I went about 1/2 mile, breast stroke, crawl, side stroke. Mixing it up with back swim, underwater, running. Other people have been known to swim the english channel and additional large bodies of water. I think I'll stick to walking. The water was almost crystal clear and only a little choppy.

As I was swimming I could see a few neighbors arriving to enjoy the beauty and I thought to appear out of the water as close to Kerryane as possible, to give her a surprise. I don't realize people on the beach are very aware of people swimming in the water. Mary (another walking neighbor) returned from her walk and pointed out to the water, like she was watching something. I swam closer to shore and suddenly...

"Get out of the water!" yells Kerryane, practically throwing her phone (she was talking to her mother).

I was already close, so a few quick steps took me out. There was a large ominious dark shape, moving rather quickly through the water. Then the whiskery nose rose to the surface. It was a manatee.

Later, after lounging and talking, Kerryane and I watched two larger fish swimming quickly south in the clear water. And then a fin broke the surface. Yes, there are sharks. These sharks were small. Watch for bait fish and cloudy water, that's when there is more danger.

Today and yesterday the outside temperature was soaring! It was at least 93 or 94. Blasts of hot air hit me in the face as I rode my bike to the north bridge in Fort Pierce. Florida summer is getting closer!

Section: Home- Breaker's Landing
Water temperature: 74
UV: 9 at noon
Wind: From the southwest
Tide: high Time: 12:00p-3pm
Length: to the home beach and back
Marine animals: fish, manatee, and baby shark
People: a few
Beach litter: very little
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