Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year- 2009

January 1, 2009

Well, it's time to get caught up! Finally. For the holidays I've been walking a couple of miles most days at "my" beach. The last couple of days I've been able to actually ride my bike on the hard packed sand. It felt like heaven. Riding mainly in the late afternoon, the colors from the setting sun reflected over the rolling doesn't get much better than this.

I realize that proper blog etiquette probably means one needs to write and entertain fairly soon after events happen...well, I was terribly negligent on doing that writing. I filled you in on the trail in the Smokies but I really didn't think I was accomplishing much after that anyway. Now, as I put them to text, I see that I really have done some walking from summer through the end of this year. Here are the comments (slightly abbreviated), photos and links to prove it!

The missing posts:
Indiana June 21-25
Hiked on Indiana trails in at TC Steele's State Historic Site , Brown County State Park and Yellowwood State Forest. I was hiking with my parents who usually go out 3-4 days a week. Brown County Indiana, where I grew up, is a lovely area with rolling hills and many paths for a green stroll.

July 4-6 I walked on East coast beaches of Florida with my sister in Osprey/Sarasota. The Gulf side of Florida is very different than the Atlantic. In Sarasota the public beaches are incredibly crowded (not what I'm used to) but they are very pleasant, flat and certainly gives one lots to sightsee. Just look at that sky!

July 23 - Walked on Cocoa Beach North toward Jetty Maritime Park. I had to walk a round trip starting off at a condo where my daughter was staying with friends. I walked about 8 miles in relatively nice conditions. At the Jetty Park I was able see across the Canavarel Barge Canal and way in the distance locate the launch pads for the Kennedy Space center. I don't think I'll be walking through that area...maybe if I visit the Space Center? One of the highlights of the day was having lunch in my bikini at the Jetty Park snack shop- the popcorn shrimp was delicious!

Sometime during the week of July 28-August 1? Okay, I can sort of remember this walk. It was actually a long and important one, so I'll probably have to update this when I really figure it out! My daughter was meeting friends at the Riverside Park beach in Vero, so I asked her to drop me off and then when she was ready to leave we would connect and she could pick me up. What an excellent plan...I could really get some miles down and not have to back track. Well...the day was great, skirting clouds, flat sand. Two hours or so later my ride was ready but I didn't know how to get off the beach. You see traveling north from the Riverside Park there are only a few beaches with public access. I passed Jaycee Park and then I was passing lovely homes on John's Island. The walking wasn't getting any easier because it was mountains of seashells. The sound of tinkling shells was incredible but how was I going to get off the beach? My ride was waiting, not so patiently, at a small park outside of Wabasso Beach. My feet were not happy and the going was rough. Forty-five more minutes, thirty more minutes...finally I arrived at what I hoped was the exit park. A very productive 8-9 miles had been achieved but not without some drama and trauma.

August 4 - A visiting cousin, Sasha, needed a ride to the Miami airport. What a great opportunity to go to South beach. I found a small park (I think it was called Collins Park), changed into my suit and traveled South to Miami beach. Again, a little more crowded for my taste and there was a lot of beach "construction" going on. The walking was a little difficult due to higher tide and erosion. I did take a swim at the South Pointe Park, because it was too hot; the water was glorious. I walked around 8 miles round trip but on the return tried a little sidewalk strolling to look at all the lovely people and restaurants. The art deco buildings were fun too.

September 27 - Remember Juno Beach Pier? Back in April, 2008 I walked from the Pier South. This time I walked North, and returned, for about 6 miles. It was supposed to be low tide but...

October 18- I spent the morning helping out our local Reading Council by reading to young children on the sidewalk benches. Then it was off to Jensen Beach to walk and return by bike. Unfortunately this day is a bit of a blur- thus the reason to write about it immediately (or at least write something down) I think I parked my bike at the Jensen Beach Park and drove to Waveland to park and walked South. I believe I walked around 4 miles but I do remember having deja vue; had I traveled this path before? Better record keeping for this year? Stay posted ;-D