Sunday, May 4, 2008

Sunday Saunter with a Friend

May 4, 2008 Sunday

I had planned to travel north to Sebastian for two days in a row but received and unexpected phone call from my friend Lee, who was finished with her college final exams and was ready to do some walking. She lives close to the north Fort Pierce Inlet, so I headed over to her house on my bicycle, and we walked to the beach entry. The tide was low and the beach was wide. It was just like summer with tidal pools filled with clear, warm water. It was fairly busy with people walking, surfing, and playing. We hadn’t seen each other for months and we had plenty to talk about: school, classes, children, summer plans and future plans. We went at a leisurely pace, without time restraints or worries. Lee has on her agenda to hit the beach more often this summer, taking her young son to become more comfortable with the ocean waves.

Upon returning to Lee’s house I continued on my bike to the north bridge. The bridge gives a view of the Indian River Lagoon, South Bridge, Fort Pierce and north, on a clear day, the 17th ST Bridge in Vero. I count it a very lucky day if you see a dolphin or two. (But I didn’t see any today)

Section: Access off of south to south Fort Pierce Inlet, Inlet Park
Water temperature: 76
UV:9 at noon
Wind: From the South
Tide: low
Time: 2:00p-4:00p
Length: Marine animals: none
People: Many
Beach litter: very little


Anonymous said...

So what is the air temperature during these walks? It must be comfortable next to the water...

BeachNV said...

You are so very right when you say we live in paradise. I enjoy your blog, your writings, photos and I do think it is clever. I love being on the beach; whether it is reading, walking, shell collecting or just thinking. I just wish I would allow myself that luxury. Until then, I shall live vicariously through your blog. Well done.
PS How DOES your laundry get done?

Tamelasr said...

The temperature started out at 79, as I was making my way to the beach and 86, on way home. (that's probably why my Saab, from New England, was chirpy-too hot) The breeze off the ocean makes it very comfortable.
I love Florida.

As for laundry, well you put it in the washer before you leave and put it in the dryer when you return, OR you could have your teenage daughter take on the responsibility BUT that could get really tricky.