Saturday, May 3, 2008

Beautiful May Day

May 2, 2008

Back to Sebastian Inlet and another set of long private beaches. I went north over the Sebastian bridge and counted miles from my last Archie Carr beach access, which held mainly surfers. I kept driving and driving, looking for public beach access. Well, I finally found a couple of spots but panicked as large rain clouds scooted overhead. I needed something not too long in miles, but not too short for the time I spent getting here. I attached my bike to the Archie Carr Beach sign at the start of the path to the beach, then drove back to the surfer's beach.

I attempted to park at the surfer’s beach access but it was massively full, so I drove a mile north to Bonseller Park, which had plenty of spaces and a toilet. I felt like I was racing the storm clouds but it was nice to have a little relief from the sun. The wind was to my back and pushed me along the flat, open beach. There were hardly any people due to the “privacy” of the beaches for the next 4 miles. The sand was fine beneath my feet. I observed the lovely beach houses as I marched by, daydreaming about their owner’s and who took care of their gardens. I passed an appealing beach hut that enticed one to lounge in the two available chairs, but I didn’t stop; it was too early in the game and I was still eyeing the storm clouds. The clouds did eventually dissipate, moving faster and further north. I didn’t think I would have much trouble locating the beach entry where I had positioned my bike because there just weren’t any other entry places.

When I came to the entry I really wasn’t ready to stop walking but I had another 2 miles to make up on the other end, since I hadn’t been able to park at the surfer’s access. On the path away from the beach, which wound around the vegetation, I passed a tiny tortoise. He wasn’t happy for the interference and literally ran away from the paparazzi and the camera. Look at the cute little fellow!

The return four miles on the bicycle route passed through Floridana and Sunnyvale. The mailboxes were a treat. Two manatees (one without his head), two seashells, we’re talking big mailboxes, and a barrel. The barrel mailbox had numerous other keg type barrels outside the house, which had barrel shaped turrets attached to its walls. It was very unique house theme.

As I approached the Bonseller Park, I heard a familiar chirping sound. Could it be? It was my car alarm, disturbing the peace! I managed to turn it off and packed up the bike but the chirping started up again, and though I wasn’t completely finished walking, I high tailed it out of there. I will return to this part of the beach soon.

Section: Bonseller Park(? forgot to write down the name-I'll get it next time) north to another Archie Carr beach access
Water temperature: 76
UV: 10 at noon
Wind: From the South
Tide: low
Time: 12:45p-2:35
Length: Marine animals: none
People: a few
Beach litter: very little

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happyhiker said...

After reading your last two posts, I felt the need to weigh in on the dwellings that you encountered on your treks. Personally, I prefer the inviting tiki hut to the appealing beach hut. Of course, I would probably find it even more welcoming if it had, say, a tiki bar or tiki lounge. (Perhaps even waiter service, free appetizers, or a live band?)