Sunday, April 27, 2008

Low Tide Afternoon Stroll

April 27, 2008

Low tide, the best time to stroll. Late Afternoon, even better. The lighting is perfect, the hard packed sand makes for a quick, brisk walk. My mister helped me out today by driving up to North Beach Park at 17th ST. I parked my car and he drove me to my drop off point-Reef Rd, The Moorings.
There were young kite surfers wielding their sails and a few other walkers. I traveled north into private beach area. There was barely anyone on the beach. It was deserted and it was glorious. Where were all the people from the lovely beach homes?
To the left is NOT one of the lovely beach homes but an inviting tiki hut, which led to a private path heading inland. What fun to have a relaxing bit of shade. But I was on some sort of schedule; I needed to get home for supper. A few more people appeared as I approached the public beach access. They were out for a leisurely evening stroll.

Section: Reef RD, The Moorings north to North Beach Park
Water temperature: 76
UV: 10 at noon
Wind: From the South
Tide: low
Time: 5:30pm-7:15pm
Length: Marine animals: none
People: very few
Beach litter: very little
(Mister verbiage courtsey of my new blog friend Mo

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