Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Walking on the beach with a friend

April 2. 2008 Wednesday

Usually I love to walk by myself. It is reflective and calming. Today we tried something new. My friend Kerryane walked with me. It did take a little bit of coordination to get the two of us headed in the correct direction (sort of) at the correct time (late again) but we had other things to accomplish so...we drove about 19 miles South with two cars and put one car at Blind Creek then drove to Herman's Bay and walked North. Aren't we clever? No backtracking! and doing it twice. Not that doing it twice is really a pain, but when you're working on mileage it does seem wasteful.

Almost the first thing we saw, after walking off the boardwalk at Herman's Bay, were shells. We're talking mounds of different, near perfect shells, a sheller's paradise. It was enough to slow a walker down to standing still. Which we did until our feet hurt; we're barefoot again. We picked a few shells to carry until we put them down. I did take pictures...which will soon be posted. A small thunderhead pushed quickly (and quietly) past us. Most of the clouds were luminous.

The beach soon broadened and flattened, and with only one condo in sight, was quite pleasant. We chatted and walked. Kerryane really walks faster than I, so I had to work to keep up. Sometimes we were quiet. We passed Ocean Bay park and then Walton Rocks, where a fisherwomen confirmed we knew where we were. There are many paths into the dunes and none of the parks are marked beach side. We debated if we would actually be able to find the car at Blind Creek. Just a silly thought.

Once back to Blink Creek, Kerryane departed for another appointment, but I wasn't ready to stop. I took the car South to Normandy Beach. In the parking lot I watched as a car backed out over the remains of their lunch. We're proud to Americans but why no pride in community or self? As I picked up the garabage, depositing it in the trash ten feet away, I wondered how these people could be so lazy and in my eyes disresptful. The aroma of french fries and hamburgers waffed up through the heavy broken bag. My mind went to wastefulness as well as laziness, then quickly to freegan, which I had just read about. Oh my, I'm not sure I can take you to all the places that I go when I walk on the beach. Besides it might not really connect in your mind; it would be a situation where you really had to be there.

To the beach I walked, with my shoes in my hand, North to Herman's Bay. The shoes came in handy since my feet were already sensitive to the cutting shells. On the shoes went when the shells were thick, off again as the sand smoothed out. This was only a little time consuming, besides I had the camera out taking pictures of the numerous birds that flocked on this section.

Section: Part 1: Herman's Bay, St Lucie County North to Blink Creek park

Part 2: Normandy Beach North to Herman's Bay and return

Water temperature: 72

UV: 7 at noon

Wind: From the South

Tide: low toward high

Time: 2:00pm-3:20p North
3:30pm-4:15pm North-South return

Length: 3.5-4 miles 1st leg

1 mile (2 round trip) 2nd leg

Marine animals: a few tiny jelly fish babies, there were a few dead birds but plenty of live ones

People: a few

Beach litter: medium, I didn't pick up anything. Again the items were too big. Way, way too big. We couldn't figure out some of the stuff, except I did recognize a TV.

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