Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Driving to the Beach...

April 1. 2008
Okay, I had a late start this morning but remember I am on Spring Break. I've decided this week I need to drive to walk because when I go back to work I will only be able to walk close to home. I drove approx 46.8 miles to Jupiter Inlet Colony. I found a park called Coral Cove. The beach was completely different than our lovely beach on North Hutchinson Island. At the park area this beach had ROCKS. Big rocks; the waves were crashing through them. The waves on both days have been wild but today, on this section, they were even harsher. I took pictures this time but you'll have to wait for me to figure out what I'm doing with the layout.

I think that they had shipped in sand because it was not cool, white and snowy soft but black gritty and contained many shells. The slope and sand were heavy due to my late arrival after low tide. I was walking South into the wind today; my hat wouldn't stay put. The clouds surrounded the area and looked like rain but they just flew around and didn't put out. The sand quality did improve a bit as I walked along, and the tall condos turned to large beachfront houses.

As I'm walking along what was I thinking about? The laundry was done and the toilets weren't that dirty. Today I was thinking about what to write, what to tell you, what would be of interest. I have been barefoot for two days but today I could have used shoes. I did find two separate shoes but I decided to continue without. The walking was difficult and really gave me a workout. I did a lot of concentrating on putting one foot in front of the other. I didn't accomplish as much distance on the beach, more distance on the road, but now I have a better plan for this section.

As I was driving through Hobe Sound, on the way home, I saw an appropriate bumper sticker, "The Ocean is My Playground"

Section: Coral Cove Park, Jupiter Island South to Inlet

Water temperature: 72

UV: 7 at noon

Wind: From the South

Tide: low toward high

Time: 1.15 hours (round trip) 1:00pm-2:15pm

Length: 1.5 miles give or take (3 miles, RT)

Marine animals: a few tiny jelly fish babies

People: a few

Beach litter: medium, I didn't pick up anything. I was already working hard and the items were too big.

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