Friday, April 4, 2008

Off the Beach and into the bed

April 3-5.2008 Thursday-Friday-Saturday

I have been knocked to the bed by a flu. After driving to the Orlando airport to pick up my daughter, suddenly I had a raging fever, chills and sore throat. I couldn't even sleep because I felt so badly. My skin, muscles, and joints ached. I rarely get ill; this was very disappointing. I have beaches to walk on and spring break is the time to do it. I'm so sad.

My neighbors, however, are truely wonderful, they're making me turkey/chicken soup and I believe it's really working wonders. I'll feeling a bit like the character of the book "Oblomov" by Ivan Aleksandrovich Goncharov. Oblomov can't be bothered to get out of bed.


Mo said...

Well, I sure hope the weekend gave you time to recooperate, and that you are feeling better this beautiful Monday morning!

Tamelasr said...

Mo, do you really get up at 4am? I'm not completely better yet and I had to go back to work today. boo hoo. I'll get it back together soooooon.

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