Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Walking along the River

Tuesday, May 27, 2008
This past weekend was High School graduation and very little walking was accomplished. A little bit of biking was done and a lot of socializing.

I do have an opportunity to join a small Florida Trails group which will be hiking on the AT into the Great Smokey Mountains starting June 14. I've pulled out my pack and equipment, and now I need to get ready. Walking on the soft, flat, sandy beaches just won't get me ready for the 4,000 foot+ mountains. I needed to get a little challenge, so I headed for the Oxbow Eco-Center after work. I have a lovely route that takes me around the elementary school into the back entrance of the Oxbow. This trail is a rolling, root infested path along the St. Lucie River.
I then walk out the other end of the Oxbow to the Riverpark complex which has a wide chip covered path around the perimeter. After completing the loop around the neighborhood, I return back to the Oxbow and heading straight through the middle come out next to the canel close to where I have my car.
5-6 miles
2 black snakes

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