Sunday, May 18, 2008

Sunrise on the Beach

Sunday, May 18, 2008
Today I woke up early and when I looked outside the sky was amazing, so without waking up the other inhabitants of the house, I grabbed my camera and hightailed it to the beach. I didn't even stop to put in my contact lenses. 6:30am

As I started across A1A, I waved to the elderly gentleman who rides his three wheeler down the sidewalk at least two times a day. He yelled at me to be careful; I looked both ways and trotted over to out run the bugs. There was no one on the beach and the colours were phenomenal. The air was cool. I played around with the camera for a little while and the best and most interesting photo, above, includes our boardwalk, where all our neighbors meet for evening chats and comaraderie. I then discovered that I actually knew how to take a video, sorta, kinda. So in the spirit of Roxie, I tried to present my first beach video. You're going to love the end. But, alas, I couldn't get it to download. I'll have to work on that.

Later in the morning I did get a short walk to Avalon Park and a short swim. There were very few people on the beach. The water was cool and fairly flat. Lounging after my swim, I didn't have a book or a person to talk to. It's called relaxing.

In the afternoon Tatiana had her final piano recital as a young girl. If Boris makes a video of the pieces, I think it will be something you will thoroughly enjoy. Maybe someday I'll learn how to combine Tatiana's music with beach videos.

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