Sunday, April 13, 2008

Weekend Traveling Madness

April 13, 2008 Sunday

Traveled 25 miles North today and early! I headed toward Sebastian Inlet and hoped for low tide. I was off by one hour and the tide was coming up fast. Parking at a tiny turn off, I topped the dune and saw Surfers. Boy, they were happy and looked like they were having a grand time. I never took up that sport. I'm more low impact. The thought of getting hit in the head, staying under too long and the slicing of the fin don't appeal to me.

There were lovely bungalow houses all along the water (some still with hurricane damage). The people had their coffee cups, newspapers and were working on a relaxing Sunday morning. I could see the inlet on the horizon and despite the rising tide the walk was pleasant. The clouds were dark and moving, but patches of sunlight often found holes and transversed across the sand.

By 11:00am I even saw someone with a beer. As I made my return I also saw a standing surfer. (I realize this is redundant but he was standing ALL the time, never lay on his belly once) He used a paddle to maneuver and rode those waves with the best of them. People have such fun.

Sebastian Inlet

Section: Archie Carr Wildlife Refugue South to Sebastian Inlet
Water temperature: 76
UV: 7 at noon
Wind: From the South
Tide: low going high
Time: 9:30am-11am
Length: 2 miles give or take (4 miles, RT)
Marine animals: none
People: surfers and happy Sunday beach goers
Beach litter: very little


Linda Montgomery said...

being that I'm a novice to blogging, voyeuring your journey is quite interesting! I admire your intelligence.
Keep on Truckin', my friend!

Dr.Jeeeol said...


writer2b said...

Just stopped by to see your blog. What a gorgeous header image! And what an interesting adventure you're on.

Tamelasr said...

Thank God someone is making use of one of God's great wonders, I got tired just reading and yet invigorated to do some
physical activity myself.(other than work) I did walk around the lake at Welaka yesterday if that counts !!!

written by friend Dawn

Tamelasr said...

Your writing is beautiful and your photography accompanies it perfectly.

written by my friend Charlene