Wednesday, June 4, 2008

School's Out for Summer!

June 4, 2008

Last day of school for students and teachers. Beach going will definitely improve now. Beach walking? Yes, short distances in the neighborhood. And then it will be off to the Smokies.

Last week I ran out of steam and desire to continue practice with the backpacking but today I was determined to get out for a little Oxbow Eco-Center . I finished with my classroom, turned in my key and put on my backpack. Boy, it was hot and almost everyone else was out of the parking lot, starting their summer vacation. What are they doing now? Shopping, studying, traveling away in their loaded RV?

I only made 3-4 miles, around the Oxbow and retraced my steps along the Otter trail by the river. The tree cover and cooling river water made it more appealing. I saw a gopher turtle and about 6-7 black snakes. Two were intertwined right on the Otter trail and I almost stepped on them. One slithered away and the other kept his head in a hole. Did he not know his backside was sticking out? There has to be a saying that would signify his dilemma. Who can come up with that?

Next week I'll be walking around Florida State University. (without my loaded backpack-because that would really embarrass the teenager)

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